Imago's digital division develops multimedia app for "Night Film" by bestselling author Marisha Pessl


In collaboration with Random House, Imago's digital division iBiblios has recently developed an exciting application called the "Night Film Decoder". The app is the official companion to Marisha Pessl's latest literary thriller "Night Film" and uses iBiblios' outstanding "iSee" image recognition technology. Pessl is the bestselling author of "Special Topics in Calamity Physics". In her new book she tells the story of reclusive film maker Stanislas Cordova whose horror films attract an underground world of obsessive fans.

The "Night Film Decoder"

app_shot.jpgThis free app is available on iPhone, iPad as well as Android phones and Android tablets and allows multimedia storytelling in an innovative new way. Several active target images that link the readers to extra content are scattered throughout the book. The app is able to recognize these targets in the printed hardback as well as in the eBook version of the "Night Film". To unlock extra content, the readers just have to look for a bird icon, which identifies target images with hidden content. Once the reader scans these pages, they will be taken in an instant to either audio clips, extracts of a lost diary, an original unpublished short story of the world of "Night Film", a slide show of film posters that the author created herself, as well as music and video clips.

All these extra digital elements bring the story to life by adding layers to the narrative and enhancing the reader or user experience.

It was important for author and publisher that the app would not interrupt the narrative and because of this, the app has been designed for those who have finished the book - the instructions about how to download and use the application, are at the end of the book.

Readers can enjoy reading the book, as they would usually do, using their own imagination and at the end experience the "Night Film" story on a multi-media level by scanning, reading, listening and watching extra content and clues.

Real Resultsapp_shot_2.jpg

The book went officially on sale in the US on the 20th August and on the 29th August in the UK. Within the first day of the US release we saw 308 app downloads. Over the following 10 days the "Night Film Decoder" made it up to an impressive 1902 app downloads. Random House say the app has added massive value in terms of getting additional PR for the book and consumer feedback has so far been enormously positive. The ‘Night Film Decoder’ app is receiving quite a bit of attention from the media. The Wall Street Journal commented that this is the moment publishers were waiting for – Multimedia Storytelling. Imago is thrilled to have been involved in this ground breaking project.




Sabine Eulau, Business Development Manager Digital Division



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